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The FAQ's

Q: how are those mc303/505 boxes?
A: they are overpriced and suck total ass.
--Caliban 5/2000

Q: what is a slut?
A: Someone who has multiple, often short-term and non-committed relationships with numerous people.
Q: what is a gearslut?
A: Someone who has multiple, often short-term and non-committed relationships with numerous little shiny and black boxes with blinking lights.
--Troy 5/2000

Q: I want to make electronic music but I don't know a thing about it.. what gear should I look at?
A: The most important box for doing studio work is a computer, either PC or Mac, loaded with sequencer/digital audio software such as Logic or Cubase. A sound card is also needed if you have external synths or samplers. Gearslut favorites include products from Echo, MOTU and digidesign. These days, you can use just a computer with the right software to produce music, thanks to soft-synths, soft-samplers and plug-in effects. But there are advantages to having hardware. A MIDI keyboard is a must. A good Virtual Analog synthesizer will allow you to make a wide range of bass and lead sounds. Gearslut favorites include the Access Virus, Nord Lead, Waldorf Q, Nord Modular. Novation and Yamaha also make some decent synths. A sampler is also a nice peice of hardware to own for doing drums, percussion, processing loops and even doing some synthesizer sounds. Gearslut favorites include anything from E-Mu, the Kurzwiel K2000/K2500, the Yamaha A3000/A4000. Akai and Roland make some decent samplers too. Finally, you will need something to mix all the stuff together. Again, this could be done all on a computer, but external mixers are easier. Mackie and Beringer makes high-quality traditional mixers. Fancier mixers are digital and include effects and automation. Gearslut favorites include the Yamaha OV1, and the Roland digital mixers.
--Troy 5/2000

Q: I want to take my Korg ER-1 with me on the train/buc/car/plane, what the heck do I do?
A: Go to Radio Shack and get one of those remote control car 8 AA packs, and a charger. The cost, about $70 total. The output voltage is 9.6 volts, which may be a little concerning because the ER-1 only wants 9 voltsn the end it all works out ok. You may also be concerned about the battery pack supplying ~1 amp of power for the 8 watt ER-1, but agian the machine handels this just fine. A little bit of wire cutting, splicing and soldering later...It works great. From one charge, You can leave the ER-1 on for at least 4-5 hoursr!.
--Troy, 6/2000

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