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"Ray of Sunshine" 12" available on Friends and Family Records. Other side contains "Snow Maker", by Ethan.  Please contact for ordering info.
Tabitha's Love03/99
White dew on brambles and thorns10/01
Get Ready08/01
Lapis Lazuli05/01
Snow Flakes02/01
Witness06/00  This song was written by Angelika Brunner and produced by me.
Downtempo Bump08/99
Ray of Sunshine featuring the voice of Angelika Brunner06/99
Deep Beats
I Don't Know
Orchestrated Acid
Beauty Forest
Dreams of a Sitar Named Mary
Get Down
Out of Your Mind
Money Money Money
Out of Doors Experience
The Freak In Me
Piano XTC
Ascending Bliss
More Love
Ambient Heaven


Here's a listing of some of my upcoming and past events:
August 12, 2000 - Point, Click, Ooops!: 133 Beale St., SF
July 22, 2000 - Cloudfactory 6 Year Anniversary
June 4, 2000 - Soupstock: Food Not Bombs 20th Anniversary at Dolores Park. Headlining the event was Fugazi. Yes, that's right, Fugazi and I performed at the same event. O.K. maybe I didn't play on the same stage, but it was the same event.
May 28, 2000 - OODE IV
April 22, 2000 - Ambient set at Topica 3.0  This was half live, half dj
March 4, 2000 - No On Knight benifit brought to you by Friends and Family, Cloud Factory, Predawn, Radiant Atmoshperes, Thump Radio, and many more.
December 31, 1999/January 1, 2000 - a live set at the Cloud Factory New Year's Eve Party.
October 15, 1999 - Deluge, the new CF monthly
September 19, 1999 - St. John's Divine Rhythm Society. You can listen here
July 23, 1999 - Cloud Factory 5 year anniversary!!!
July 25, 1999 - Epiphany presents Laua, an outdoor gathering
June 15, 1999 - KZSU
May 31, 1999 - OODE III
Nov. 24, 1998 - Spin Cycle in Monterey
Aug. 1, 1998 - Live at FnF
June 20, 1998 - BSIDE presents: Azimuth, a Summer Solstice celebration
June 6, 1998 - Sunshine Biscuit Factory
May 20-26, 1998 - OODE II (Oregon)
May 9-11, 1998 - Planetarium II (Sonoma County) canceled due to El Nino washing out the road
April 11th, 1998 - Blossom (Vancouver BC) , check out the real audio  file of the party
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